FY200 Crawler Hydraculic Water Well Drilling Rig
200 meter Depth Crawler Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig
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Product Features
● This model rig uses full hydraulic control, and the top drive to drive the rotation of drilling tools with very high drilling efficiency.

● Reasonable overall layout uses the tractor-mounted or full ground chassis for transportation with good maneuverability.


● Very flexible in difficult roads and can be widely used in many fields such as resource exploration of hydrology wells, coalbed methane, the shallow
  layer of shale gas, terrestrial heat, etc, and can also be used for coal-mine gas exploitation salvage work.

● The top-mounted driving head principal shaft has a great drift diameter, suitable for many kinds of construction work such as slurry drilling, air
  drilling, and air foam drilling, meeting the demands for well-drilling at different terrain strata.
FY200 Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth 200m
Drilling Diameter 140-305mm
One-Time Advance Length 3.40m
Walking Speed 2.50km/h
Climbing Angles 30 degree
Engine Power 68KW
Work Air Pressure 1.7-3.0 Mpa
Air Consumption 17-30m3/min
Drill Pipe Length 2m, 3m
Drill Pipe Diameter 76mm, 89mm
Rig Lifting Force 12 ton
Rotary Speed 40-70 rpm
Rotary Torque 3500-4800 N.m
Weight 5800KG
Dimensions 4000*1750*2450mm
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