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High Air Pressure SD Series
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SD Series
Suitable Bit ND55C/DHD350Q COP84/DHD380
Hole Range Ø135-Ø155mm Ø195-Ø254mm
Connection Thread API2 3”/8REG API4 1”/2REG
API3 1”/2REG
API2 7”/8REG
Working Pressure 1.3-2.3Mpa 1.5-3.0Mpa
Impact Rate at 17 Bar 28HZ 22HZ
Suggest Rotation Speed 22-35r/min 15-25r/min
Air Consumption 1.0Mpa:8.0m³/min 1.0Mpa:12.0m³/min
1.8Mpa:6.0m³/min 1.8Mpa:22.0m³/min
2.4Mpa:19.0m³/min 2.4Mpa:28.0m³/min
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