ZGYX410 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig
ZGYX410B-3/410B-D Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig
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Product Features

 Equipped with 37KW dual-cylinder Yuchai 2115 engine motor. Standard configuration of new type reinforced tramming motor.

 Gear box structure for greater climb ability & more stable quality. New added easily detachable protection hood for dust & failing rocks
  & enhanced safety and better appearance.

 Wear resistant nylon made rotation unit pad to protect the service life of slide guide better.

 High performance and high efficiency wet air filter together with dry air filter for three stage air filtering system.

 Standard equipped heavy duty tramming motor for more powerful tramming.

ZGYX410 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig ZGYX410 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig ZGYX410 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig
Main Technical Specifications
Working Pressure 0.7-1.5 Mpa
F.A.D 7-13m3/min
Hole Range 90-110mm
DTH Hammer 3.5 inches
Hole Depth Max.


Drill Pipe Length 2000mm
Drill Pipe Dia.


Climb Ability 25°


Tramming Speed 0-3 km/h
Rotation Speed 0-120 rpm
Rotation Torque 970 N.m
Power Pack B: Yuchai Diesel YC2115


C: Electric Motor 22kw
Heavy Duty Tramming Motor Standard
Plunger Piston Tramming Motor Optional
Supporting Machine

Recommended Air Compressors

Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor



Electric Portable Screw Air Compressor



Note: air compressor selection subject to hole diameter and air hose length.

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