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The Working Characteristics Of The Crawler Mounted Drill Rig
 As a new type of basic engineering machinery, Crawler Mounted Drill Rig has been widely used in pile foundation projects such as roads and railways, bridges, water conservancy projects and urban construction projects after several years of promotion and application. Due to its high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low pollution, and wide adaptability of the formation, it is favored by more and more construction units. Effectively use the rotary drilling rig to carry out dry-drilling bored pile construction and dry-drilling bored pile construction technology and management specifications, and conduct basic discussion and induction.

Construction method features:

1. During drilling, the hydraulic cylinder on the drill rail slide can be pressed downward to speed up the drilling speed.

2. This drilling method is to drive various drilling tools into holes through the box type torsion drill collar and rotary power head. The full hydraulic crawler crane with retractable track is convenient for moving and positioning.

3. The weight of the equipment, the power configuration of the whole machine and the output capacity of the main actuator are large, which meets the construction needs of special projects in certain special fields. Adapt to the reality that the construction of the project is more difficult, and the quality and efficiency requirements are constantly improving.

4. The operation and control of the equipment adopt electromechanical and hydraulic integration, which improves the reliability of operation and flexibility of operation. For example, the automatic display system for automatically measuring the skew of the computer has a great effect on improving the hole forming efficiency and the hole forming precision.

5. The telescopic active drill pipe greatly reduces the auxiliary working time, and it can also create conditions for timely replacement of the applicable drill bit type according to the formation change.

6. Less mud discharge is beneficial to the protection of the environment.

7. the spoil is convenient, the excavated soil residue, the car can be directly transported away, reducing the muddy on the site.

8. directly excavation, automatic dumping. There is no need to manually cooperate to open the bucket door.

9. lifting drills, casings, etc. do not need to cooperate with the crane.

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