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The Cause Of Drill Sticking In Subsurface Drill
 DTH Drill Rig should pay attention to the maintenance and lubrication of the machine, which can reduce its failure. Although it pays attention to reduce the fault after maintenance, there will still be certain faults. The downhole drilling rig sometimes has a stuck drill fault, which causes this fault. What are the general reasons?

1. The bit is broken;

2. The new replacement bit is larger than the original diameter;

3. The machine displacement or the drilling tool is deflected in the hole during rock drilling;

4. When the rock is rocking, the wall or the hole drops the rock or encounters large cracks and caves;

5. Dust is difficult to discharge in the area where there is mud stone;

6. Inadequate operation, when the drilling is stopped for a long time, there is no pure rock powder, and the drilling tool is not lifted, so that the impactor is buried by the rock powder;

Treatment method: Regarding the strength of the current bit, the broken wing has been basically eliminated. In case of special circumstances, a seamless pipe with a diameter similar to that of the hole diameter can be used. The pipe is filled with butter, asphalt and the like, and is connected with the drill pipe to enter the bottom of the hole. Take out the broken wing at the bottom of the hole and blow off the rock powder at the bottom of the hole before salvaging. In the more serious situation, the drilling tool can't be lifted, and the impactor does not ring. At this time, only the external torque or the auxiliary tool is used to help the lifting, so that the drilling tool is rotated, and then the gas is to be lifted, and the drilling tool is lifted until the fault occurs. Lift it off. When re-rocking, first apply a little pressure, then add a little pressure, and then gradually increase the propulsion until the normal working pressure.

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